Terms and Conditions

Dear user we request you to go through the entire policies present on the site before you make any purchases. There are certain rules and conditions that should be followed by a user while taking this site into usage. We humbly request you to read each point and if you have any queries or doubts in regard to the various terms presented here please contact our customer care. This Terms and Conditions policy act as a legal agreement between our customer and our company. The terms like 'User' and 'You' refer to the user or the customer and the term 'We' refers to the company.

1) The user shall not copy- paste, share or use the information present on the site for personal gains and profits. The term information includes – images, videos available on the site, content(text), gifs, logo, tagline etc. Each of these is our copyright and only we have the authorization to change or use these elements present on the site.

2) The use shall not intrude to other users account and hack it. If a user is found to be breaking into other people's account, the same shall be punished severely and the act will be considered as breaching of policy terms.

3) While using the third party site whose link is present on our site, the user have to keep in mind that the these third party sites are not a part of our company. We shall not be responsible if you incur any loss in terms of data of software, or any such damage to your personal system or device because of the usage of these third party sites.

4) We make every effort to provide the best in terms of product, services and information, still sometimes it can happen that the information present on our site might not be 100% accurate. The sole purpose of the content present on our site is to share the information.

5) For any inquiries and for putting forth your grievances, you shall contact us using the contact us form available on the site.

6) Unauthorized posting of content on site shall not be entertained and will be dealt legally. We hold the right to deactivate your account or delete it permanently without giving any prior notice.

7) We might change the content/information available on the site as and when needed by us without informing you or giving a prior notice. So you are requested to review the policies before the purchase.