Return, refund and cancellation Policy

As we offer quality products and great packaging, the chances of returns are almost nill. Yet if by any chance, any of the below given situations arises you can request for a refund or return.

1) You received your order in a damaged state.

2) The product you received is not matching to the one you had ordered.

3) You did not received the product at all

The request will be accepted only if our customer support team found it to be genuine. The refund amount will include only the actual amount of the product and not the custom duty charges. Please notify us if delivery of the product exceeds the normal delivery time.


you will not be eligible for a return or refund,

1) If you accidentally gave us a wrong delivery address

2) if you did not receive the order due to non payment of custom charges

3) If the product got damaged due to your careless handling.


You can apply for a cancellation only within the first 24 of hours of the order being placed. After that your request for cancellation will not be accepted. Likewise, if order has already been shipped before we receive your request for cancellation, in such case also, the request for cancellation will not be processed.