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  • 4 Port Mini USB Hub4 Port Mini USB Hub

    4 Port Mini USB Hub

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    The four port Mini USB hub from Mobile Gear is perfect for connecting all your electronics to your USB socket without any worries of the number of USB sockets available. The port has four normal USB ports for all your electronic devices like keyboard, mouse, printer, camera, speaker, modem, network cable, etc. and one mini USB port for your mobile and tablet. The USB hub is hot swappable so you c

  • Calculator-260TCalculator-260T


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    Axco has brought AX 2260T calculator for the ease of calculating your tax. This 12 digit calculator has been designed with PC keys that are exactly like the keyboard keys and are very easy to operate. The display is also large and at an angle that makes it easy to read the numbers without straining the eyes or neck. The calculator has Set, Tax+ and Tax- buttons to calculate your taxes very easil

  • Decade Pen Stand-DE520Decade Pen Stand-DE520

    Decade Pen Stand-DE520

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    Carl office products present this sleek and stylish Decade DE520 pen stand. The pen stand has an elegant and modern design and looks very professional. The pen stand is black in color and will suit any office setting. The stand is made of high-quality material and Carl assures of its quality. The pen stand has size dimensions of 170x98x10 mm and is light weight. This pen stand is a desk organize

  • GL178 Chalk Marker 20 RoundGL178 Chalk Marker 20 Round

    GL178 Chalk Marker 20 Round

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    These water-based GL178 Chalk Markers from Sigel are the latest alternative to the conventional dry chalk. These markers are having wet chalk that can be used on glass, mirror, ceramic or any other non-porous smooth surface. The tip of these markers is round and fine with 1-2 mm line thickness. It is very easy to wipe the liquid chalk by use of a wet wipe or wet duster. The markers write in whit

  • Plastic Binding Ring 32MMPlastic Binding Ring 32MM

    Plastic Binding Ring 32MM

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    The plastic binding ring is a quality binding product from Suremark. These rings are of mm and there are rings on each piece. They give a very good look to the bound documents are available in four colors to match or contrast with your covers to give them a customized look. They are available in four bright colors namely blue, red, black and white. They are available in a box with binding ring p