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  • Desk Organiser 42408Desk Organiser 42408

    Desk Organiser 42408

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    Elba Desk Organiser 42408 is the solution for the collection, sorting, scheduling and storing of documents. The sorting can be as per meetings or need to be signed or papers belonging to different students in a class set as per roll numbers. The uses of this multi-purpose organizer can be many, whether at home or offices or educational institutes. It is made up of PVC laminate covers with partit

  • Earthwise Recycled Colored File FoldersEarthwise Recycled Colored File Folders

    Earthwise Recycled Colored File Folders

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    Pendaflex presents these Earthwise Recycled Coloured File Folders which are completely environment-friendly. They are made up of 100% post-consumer recycled content so no plant was harmed for making this file folder. The folders have the size dimensions 11 5/8 inches x 9 ½ inches and are scored well at the bottom for allowing half an inch expansion that means an ample storage space. The materia

  • Earthwise Recycled Filler PaperEarthwise Recycled Filler Paper

    Earthwise Recycled Filler Paper

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    Oxford office supplies bring the Earthwise Recycled Filler Paper for your writing your documents. These papers are of size 8 ½ inches x 11 inches and the paper used has a weight that is very good at 20 lb. The paper is very smooth to write on as the pen easily roles on it. The recycled filler papers are ruled with 9/32 inches lines like normal ruled books and papers. The filler paper is white in

  • File Cabinet 4 DrawersFile Cabinet 4 Drawers

    File Cabinet 4 Drawers

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    The file cabinet from HAN is perfect for storing your files or documents or emails. The cabinet size dimensions are 368 x 294 x 235mm and it has four drawers to separate your papers, documents or files. The cabinet is very stable and made of high quality, durable plastic. The cabinet is totally free of heavy metals and is light in weight. It can easily be stored on a desk, table, shelf, side stand

  • File Cabinet 5-DrawersFile Cabinet 5-Drawers

    File Cabinet 5-Drawers

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    The file cabinet from HnO is a simple and stylish solution for storing your files and documents. The cabinet is made of high-quality plastic which is strong, durable and lightweight. The cabinet has five drawers with pull out handles to easily separate files and documents into five types. This cabinet is 338 x 265 x 250mm in dimensions. The drawers can be pulled out and put back to its place easil

  • File Cabinet w/Lock 10-DrawersFile Cabinet w/Lock 10-Drawers

    File Cabinet w/Lock 10-Drawers

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    This file cabinet with lock and ten drawers has been brought to you by Usign for perfectly storing your papers, documents and files in ten separate drawers. The cabinet is having a lock so it keeps even your most sensitive papers safe and locked inside. The cabinet is light but sturdy and can be stored on any desk or shelf or even on the ground. The design of the cabinet is stackable. The mater

  • File Cabinet w/Lock 5-DrawersFile Cabinet w/Lock 5-Drawers

    File Cabinet w/Lock 5-Drawers

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    This five drawer file cabinet from Usign is perfect for storing your files and documents stylishly. The design is simple yet elegant and helps in keeping your desk clutter free with five layers to divide and keep your documents, files, emails, letters and more. The cabinet is sturdy can sit on any desk, table, window side or corner with ease. The size dimensions of the cabinet are and it is light

  • Name Card FileName Card File

    Name Card File

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    Bindermax office products present this excellent quality name card file for holding 500 name cards. The file is made of good quality PVC and has a binding ring in which the business card holding sheets have been bonded. This system helps the file in being easily refillable and expandable as more sheets can be attached, removed or replaced as per the requirement. The black colour cover with a white

  • Rotary FileRotary File

    Rotary File

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    $36.00  $34.00
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    This smart rotary file from Bindermax is a desktop file to neatly organize the business contacts. It is made of high-quality plastic and has the capacity to store 300 business cards. The file comes along with 150 protective plastic sheets that can easily hold 300 cards. The file is stylishly designed in black and red and is self-standing. The rotary action allows easy and quick access to the conta

  • Visifix Rotary FileVisifix Rotary File

    Visifix Rotary File

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    Visifix presents this rotary file for organising business cards in a stylish way. The file is made of high-quality plastic and has a rotary design for easily and quickly accessing the cards. The file is black in colour and can store up to 400 business cards. It sturdily sits on the table on its stand and is readily accessible at any time. The file is light and portable as well, so can be moved eas