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  • Plastic Binding Ring 32MMPlastic Binding Ring 32MM

    Plastic Binding Ring 32MM

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    The plastic binding ring is a quality binding product from Suremark. These rings are of mm and there are rings on each piece. They give a very good look to the bound documents are available in four colors to match or contrast with your covers to give them a customized look. They are available in four bright colors namely blue, red, black and white. They are available in a box with binding ring p

  • Plastic Binding Ring 38MMPlastic Binding Ring 38MM

    Plastic Binding Ring 38MM

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    This binding ring from Suremark is a quality product made for the ease of your binding of your papers or documents. The rings are made of very good quality plastic and will not chip, peel, scratch, discolor or break under normal usage. They are strong, flexible and durable and help in easy binding. Each plastic spine has rings to bind your papers neatly. These rings bind papers neatly and they