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  • 3 Currencies Cheque Writer Icheque 43 Currencies Cheque Writer Icheque 4

    3 Currencies Cheque Writer Icheque 4

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    This cheque writer iCheque -4 from Biosystem is the perfect machine for writing your cheques easily and efficiently. This cheque writer can make cheques in three currencies that are S$, RP and US$. It makes 15 digits embossed print on the cheques that look very neat and classy. There is a LED sensor that helps in the correct positioning of the cheque. The machine auto adjusts and balances the ch

  • 4 Port Mini USB Hub4 Port Mini USB Hub

    4 Port Mini USB Hub

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    The four port Mini USB hub from Mobile Gear is perfect for connecting all your electronics to your USB socket without any worries of the number of USB sockets available. The port has four normal USB ports for all your electronic devices like keyboard, mouse, printer, camera, speaker, modem, network cable, etc. and one mini USB port for your mobile and tablet. The USB hub is hot swappable so you c

  • Business Collection Card File BinderBusiness Collection Card File Binder

    Business Collection Card File Binder

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    This Business Collection Card File Binder has been brought by Cardinal as a storage solution for your business cards. It is a very professional looking binder and can store up to 200 business cards easily. This binder is made of strong MDF covers covered with black leather on the outside and finished with brass corners. Inside is finished in black fabric and a three metal ring binder in stainless

  • C-Line Hol-Dex Magnetic Shelf/Bin Label HolderC-Line Hol-Dex Magnetic Shelf/Bin Label Holder

    C-Line Hol-Dex Magnetic Shelf/Bin Label Holder

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    The Hol-Dex Magnetic Shelf or Bin Label Holder from C-Line Products is the perfect answer to labeling shelves or drawers or bins or anything made of metal. The holder is made of good quality plastic with a magnetic holder and is 6 inches x 2 inches in size. The label holder is clear and the labels can just be slid in or out making the labeling and relabeling process very easy. The labels can b

  • Calculator-12BLCalculator-12BL


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    The AX 1012 is a 12 digit desktop calculator from Axco. It is a very stylish and good looking calculator and is available in a choice of two colors. One is white with blue key and blue display window frame and the other one is in pure white color and both looks are very attractive. The keys have been designed to look same as that of a keyboard and are big and easy to use. The double zero key he

  • Calculator-220TCalculator-220T


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    The AX 2220T from Axco is a multifunctional Tax calculator. The calculator has 12 digits large display, which can be seen very easily. The size of the calculator is 13.4cm x 10.7 cm x 3.4 cm and is light in weight . The keys are color coded for easy typing without any confusion. There are SET, Tax- Recall and Tax+ store buttons for easily calculating the tax. There is a 00 button for typing zeroe

  • Calculator-260TCalculator-260T


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    Axco has brought AX 2260T calculator for the ease of calculating your tax. This 12 digit calculator has been designed with PC keys that are exactly like the keyboard keys and are very easy to operate. The display is also large and at an angle that makes it easy to read the numbers without straining the eyes or neck. The calculator has Set, Tax+ and Tax- buttons to calculate your taxes very easil

  • Calculator-6614Calculator-6614


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    AXCO AX 2266 14 is a 14 digit heavy duty Desktop Calculator for the ease of your calculations. It has a big LCD display of 14 digits to calculate the biggest numbers or the smallest number to utmost accuracy. The size dimensions are 19.6cm x 13cm x 3.2cm. The keys are big and it is very easy to operate. The displayed numbers are large and can be read easily. This calculator can perform complex fu

  • Card Reader with 3 USB HubCard Reader with 3 USB Hub

    Card Reader with 3 USB Hub

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    This card reader with a three USB hub from Mobile gear is a smart product for easily transferring data and pictures from the cards to the computer. It is a sleek black reader with small dimensions 6.85 x 4.82 x 1.85 cm and is super light with a weight of just 35gms, so you can carry it in your purse or pocket easily. It comes with an interface of USB 2.0 and has a good transfer rate of 480 Mbps.

  • Envelope-3212Envelope-3212


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    Elco presents Envelope 3212 for the privacy of your sensitive papers and documents. The size of the envelope is 22.9 cm x 11.4 cm. The paper used has a density of 80 gm/sq mt. A C5/6DL paper that is like an A4 sheet folded three times can fit inside this envelope comfortably. The envelopes have sticker glue to close and seal it so you can easily avoid the sticky glues and the mess that the glue